Behind The Glow

Urban Glow Cosmetics prides itself on being a healthy lifestyle brand committed to making all natural , safe, affordable and effective products. Urban Glow Cosmetics is a student run business, founded by CEO, India Green. As a Media Studies and Production major with a concentration in Media Analysis and Social Media Management, India values educating her customers and community through content creation for her brand.

Mission Statement

Urban Glow Cosmetics is an all natural health and wellness brand with values rooted in community, transparency, education, and empowerment. We are on a mission to empower people to live healthy and happy lives through self-care! Because we strongly believe that what you put into your mind and body is important.

Brand Goals

Urban Glow Cosmetics aims to empower and build confidence in her clients through restoration of self-care practices. Provide affordable yet effective products. Educate clients on why natural products are beneficial to overall health. Enhance clients natural glow. 


Where It All Began 

Urban Glow Cosmetics is a natural skin care company founded by India Green. India's passion for the natural beauty industry began her freshman year in college as a class project. She started a website and began building her brand as "Naturally Indy"providing natural hair and skincare tips via Instagram. This project revealed to her the lack of quality skincare in urban communities and the overly marketed chemical based products. She wanted to create products that not only enhanced the overall health of ones skin, but are affordable for her peers.