Glow Serum
Glow Serum
Glow Serum
Glow Serum

Glow Serum

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Our new lavender infused Glow Serum is a blend of natural and essential oils designed to moisturize the skin. We include oils that are moisturizing agents for all skin types, dry, oily, and combination. This blend is also good for sensitive and mature skin types.

Depending on the needs of your skin, it can be used daily, as it will deeply moisturize and leave a smooth, glowing effect on the skin.


Highly suggested after using the Lavender Foaming Cleanser and Lavender Toning Solution.

Use the dropper to lather oil in dry, clean hands or cotton pad. Equally, distribute oil all over the face and neck. Less is more! Use at night to complete the moisturizing of the skin, and in the morning to moisturize as well.


Keep sealed tightly and away from direct sunlight or heat. Room temperature is recommended.

Shelf Life:

Can last for over 6M with proper storage. 


Vegetable based Carrier Oils infused with Lavender Essential Oil